MWC 2024: Time to wrap up, but GenAI is just getting started

MWC 2024: Time to wrap up, but GenAI is just getting started

As another Mobile World Congress (MWC) draws to a close, we reflect on a whirlwind of meetings, captivating demos, and discussions with the incredible talent that drives the communications industry forward.

Mario Hajiloizi, Public Relations Manager, EMEA


29 Feb 2024

MWC 2024: Time to wrap up, but GenAI is just getting started

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One thing is abundantly clear from our presence this year: Amdocs stands at the forefront of GenAI integration for CSPs, propelling the industry forward through innovation, strategic partnerships, and groundbreaking solutions. Our customers can confidently unlock business benefits, revenue growth, and exceptional customer experiences with that we bring to the table.

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In case you missed it, here are some key highlights from our time at the show:

  • Strategic Partnership with Microsoft

    • We announced an expanded partnership with Microsoft, bringing GenAI innovation to the communications industry. Leveraging Amdocs’ amAIz platform and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, this collaboration includes a GenAI lab and center of excellence to accelerate adoption.
  • amAIz: Empowering CSPs with GenAI Capabilities

    • Amdocs unveiled new capabilities for our telco-native GenAI platform, amAIz. Developed in collaboration with industry leaders Microsoft and NVIDIA, amAIz empowers communications service providers (CSPs) with cost-effective, telco-specific solutions.
  • The Great Indoors Podcast

    • Our award-winning podcast, hosted by Matthew Roberts, featured discussions with industry leaders from Microsoft, NVIDIA, AWS, AT&T, Verizon, and more. We delved into the latest trends, emerging technologies, and updates from the show. Keep an eye out on your favorite podcast platform to hear these discussions for yourself in the coming weeks!
  • Gil Rosen’s Panel Discussion: “Never Too Young to Lead”

    • Amdocs’ Chief Marketing Officer participated in this thought-provoking panel focused on youth in the industry. It explored key issues, trends, and challenges that must be addressed for the next generation to succeed. On GenAI, Rosen said, “It’s disruptive to the career landscape. It’s an amazing opportunity for youth to lead in bringing GenAI skillsets into telecom and other industries.”
  • Anthony Goonetilleke on 5G and Edge Computing
    • Amdocs’ Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy, Anthony Goonetilleke, discussed how 5G and edge technologies have the ability to increase speed and reduce latency, but add Artificial Intelligence into the mix and you have a convergence of technologies that could really drive innovation and unlock astonishing possibilities.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Insights by Idit Duvdevany Aronsohn
    • Idit Duvdevany Aronsohn, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion (DEI), and Wellbeing, shared valuable insights and experiences related to diversity and inclusion within our industry, including why it’s important for businesses to look at their own hard data. “Data permeates every aspect of our work, accessible to all our business leaders and supporting functions. We’ve made it a habit for our leaders to engage in conversations about diversity and inclusion with employees. This approach has heightened their accountability, engagement, and sense of ownership regarding these critical topics.”
  • Roundtable on Elevating Women in GenAI

    • Amdocs hosted a roundtable featuring women leaders from across the industry, including Amdocs’ COO & CFO Tamar Rapaport-Dagim. The discussion revealed that only 35% of women have incorporated GenAI into their lives—a gap we aim to address through our ongoing efforts.

And with that, I’d like to thank all the customers, partners, journalists, editors, and Amdocs executives for an action-packed three days. Same time and place next year? Sounds good to me!

For more insights from the MWC Show floor, check out Mario’s day one , two and three blogs. Check out Amdocs’ LinkedIn for even more business updates.


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