Yaron Harush: From humble beginnings to extraordinary heights

Yaron Harush: From humble beginnings to extraordinary heights

From junior software engineer to General Manager of Global Delivery, Yaron's career at Amdocs is an inspiring and unique journey.

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Keya Sen, Internal Communications


12 Jun 2023

Yaron Harush: From humble beginnings to extraordinary heights

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Shaping leadership through diverse teams

Yaron started his career at Amdocs as a junior software developer. Right from the early days, he had the urge to innovate and make a meaningful impact in his work. He took on various roles and responsibilities which gave him an opportunity to learn and gain invaluable insights into the development lifecycle.

“A good learner always tends to become a good leader and a good leader never ceases to learn,” he adds. A crucial turning point in his journey was his relocation to India. Recalling this, he says “My movement to India not only offered me an amazing personal experience but also provided immense value to my professional growth. It allowed me to explore different cultures, cater to diverse customers, and establish connections with the remarkable people of India. My diverse exposure in terms of responsibilities and geography offered me key learning opportunities laying a strong foundation for my leadership journey. If you really want to grow, you need to be ready to explore.”

The Classic Delivery team led by Yaron is spread across 20+ countries, supporting customers globally. While such an organization presents unique challenges, it also brings forth numerous opportunities. Talking more about this, Yaron adds, “the classic delivery unit manages multiple CES 19 and below projects, including Ensemble, Digital UI unit, Training, Migration, Non-Dox, and more. Currently, we have 50 active projects globally, covering both Transformation and BAU projects. We use a variety of technologies customized according to each customer, country regulation, and lines of business.”

Talking about his unit he adds, “What makes us different is our unique model of execution arms and power arms. While our execution arms focus on end-to-end execution with a customer-centric approach, our power arms focus on building strength through recruitment, training, and cross-tools.”

Yaron strongly believes in the power of diversity and says: “Technology is constantly evolving, and we need to be creative to adapt to changes and improve existing systems. Therefore, we need to think outside the box and to do so it's important to have diverse perspectives at the table to hear different opinions. I am continuously working to enhance diversity in all areas and across the globe. In my current role, I find inspiration in fostering creativity, driving change, and reshaping our work processes. I am committed to enhancing our professionalism, setting high standards, and pursuing excellence.”

Yaron also strongly believes in the power of physical interaction and says “I strongly believe that there is no substitute for a face-to-face interaction. It has a magic that cannot be replicated through screens. It is during these times that real ideas are born and genuine connections flourish. Some of the most remarkable innovations within our organization have been the direct result of our teams coming together in physical spaces and engaging in F2F brainstorming sessions.”

Amdocs provides a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional development

Today, Yaron proudly leads the largest delivery unit across Amdocs and serves as the head of the Amdocs Negev site. Often, he is seen juggling between strategic initiatives as well as shifting focus across various domains. He says: “I often zoom in and out in different areas, and sometimes even zoom in back to coding, a passion that remains alive and well within me.”

Talking about his work further, Yaron says,” I enjoy the diverse range of responsibilities and interesting domains I get to work on. However, what interests me, even more, is the ability to think about how to improve what I am doing in a better and more effective way.”

"A good learner always tends to become a good leader and a good leader never ceases to learn."

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Yaron Harush, General Manager, Amdocs Global Delivery

Passionate about creating value and making a difference

When asked what drives him and what is he passionate about, Yaron says “I am driven by a strong desire to find meaning in everything I do. I am passionate about discovering purpose and significance in both my work and personal life. My drive comes from the desire to create value, make a difference, and find a deeper sense of meaning in all my endeavors.”

Pointing out a few initiatives that his unit is taking to make the customer journey amazing, he says “Our customers remain at the heart of anything we do. While there are several initiatives we are working on, I would like to mention two major streams of focus: innovation mindset and green by design.

We are driving innovation by leveraging ideas across projects and accounts through our ‘Wennovation’ campaign. Talented individuals from various units and accounts contribute their innovative ideas which are shared across the organization. This approach enhances our development and operations, delivering substantial value to our customers through the collective power of Amdocs.

The other initiative is Green By Design which focuses on adopting environment-friendly practices to enhance sustainability, stability, and optimize our approach to tasks. We are adopting cutting-edge methodologies and leveraging our experience to meet the specific needs of the telecommunications market. By utilizing our digital playbook and implementing targeted strategies, we are consistently improving various aspects of the software development life cycle across all our services.

Dealing with rapid challenges that the rapid change in technology is bringing

Yaron considers technology as a double-edged sword that comes with both opportunities as well as challenges “While the rapid pace of technological change brings ample opportunities for us, it also poses challenges”, he says. “The biggest challenge that lies ahead is keeping up with the rapid changes in technology while managing our ongoing projects. It becomes important to stay updated, learn new areas, embrace, and experiment with new technologies, and upskill our team members. To address this challenge, we have developed and continue to build a wide range of learning materials and channels. However, our ultimate goal is to instill a strong sense of eagerness among our team members to invest their time and actively engage in learning.”

Embracing life's melody with family, adventure, and knowledge

Apart from work, Yaron loves spending time with his wonderful family. Soccer holds a special place in his heart and when overwhelmed, he finds peace in the mountains by skiing. During his daily commute to the office, podcasts keep him company. “My message to the newer generation is simple: The rise of generative AI is bringing about a whole new way of doing things in every aspect of life. Therefore, all we need to do is learn and dare to dream. Learning opens up endless possibilities and gives you the power to dream big. Embrace knowledge and let your dreams shape a remarkable future,” says Yaron.

Yaron’s journey from the ground level to the boardroom proves that the distance between ordinary and extraordinary is often bridged by a willingness to learn and to dream.

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