Light Reading’s prestigious Leading Lights awards recognize Amdocs as an innovation leader for 5G and cloud

We’re super-proud that Light Reading has just selected Amdocs as a finalist for multiple Leading Lights awards, reflecting our success in 5G and cloud.

Naomi Weiser

Speakers Bureau Manager, Amdocs

02 Sep 2021

Light Reading’s prestigious Leading Lights awards recognize Amdocs as an innovation leader for 5G and cloud

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Light Reading’s prestigious Leading Lights Awards (now in their 17th year) recognize the industry's top companies and their executives for their outstanding achievements in next-generation communications technology, applications, services, strategies, and innovation.

Leading Lights Awards

So we’re very happy that Light Reading have just announced at their flagship annual Big 5G Event in Denver that Amdocs has been selected as a finalist in all six categories that we entered:

Hopefully, we’ll be taking home an award (or two...) in October to go with our previous LL awards which include: Outstanding Digital Enablement Vendor (2020), Most Innovative 5G Strategy (2019), Company of the Year (2018), Best Deal Maker (2017), and Most Outstanding Communications Technology vision (2017).

More information about our finalist categories

Best deal maker, awarded to the company that has consistently demonstrated good timing, judgment and execution in high-profile acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures and other multi-company financial or strategic arrangements.

  • The last year has seen Amdocs make FIVE really exciting acquisitions, including two major deals: Openet (for approximately $180 million) to boost our 5G Capabilities. As Light Reading noted recently, while “small, innovative firms do not always thrive under the roof of a giant organization,” this deal provides “a positive sign of the opposite.”  
  • Sourced Grou (approx.US$75 million) to strengthen our cloud portfolio. “Sourced’s proven cloud-migration platform, deployment framework and trusted design process, alongside its deep partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, complement our portfolio of cloud-native products and services and further expands and diversifies our customer base,” explains Amdocs CEO Shuky Sheffer

Best new Open Ran product

Packed full with innovation and industry firsts, Amdocs SmartRAN  is an intelligent near-real-time software-automation layer for the Open-RAN which uses unique simulation reinforced machine-learning technology. Specifically designed to be deployed within Open-RAN’s disaggregated architecture, it gives operators the flexibility to select the right open-source/open-RAN technologies for their network, and prevents vendor lock-in.

My take is that Amdocs is further along than most vendors in embracing the complexities of Open RAN and demonstrating a deep understanding of the challenges facing operators, e.g. in the granular discussion about the role of analytics, xApps, rApps etc. across multiple use cases.

John Byrne

Service Director, GlobalData

Innovative hybrid networking strategy, which will be awarded to the company that has outlined and clearly communicated an innovative, market-leading hybrid networking technology strategy during the past year.

In the last year, Amdocs has moved from separate siloed OSS/NFV solutions to a pioneering converged unified platform for hybrid networks with Amdocs End-to-End Service & Network Orchestration solution, which answers the needs of today’s and tomorrow's hybrid networks.

Amdocs has leveraged its experience in OSS and NFV orchestration to create a solution that meets the growing demands of service providers for digital operations, telco cloud management, 5G slicing, end-to-end service orchestration and more...

Stephanie Gibbons

Principal Analyst, Omdia

Company of the year (public), will be awarded to the publicly listed firm that stands out from its competitors, innovates constantly, makes investors proud and makes employees happy. We’ve had an amazing year, not just in terms of record annual revenue and outstanding project-delivery success without operational interruptions, but also in significantly strengthening both our cloud position and portfolio, and also in monetizing 5G through through product innovation and strategic acquisitions.

Outstanding digital enablement vendor
Awarded to the next-generation OSS/BSS/CX, analytics or digital commerce systems vendor that stands out from its competitors, innovates constantly, helps set the industry trends, makes investors proud and makes employees happy, our focus in this category was placed on Amdocs Experience360 - a unique low code-based, open and modular experience platform that enables operators’ BUSINESS USERS themselves to create and launch an end-to-end care and commerce experience for customers, agents or any user type.

Best new 5G core product – will be awarded to the vendor that has launched the most innovative 5G core product during the past year. While most of 5G’s focus to date has been on coverage roll-out, and functional aspects, Amdocs identified the need for an innovative approach to 5G monetization  - to shift from an "infrastructure" to "platform" mindset with 5G Value Plane. Encompassing charging and policy functions and managed by a centralized catalog, 5G Value Plane acts as a centralized “5G brain” across the business, IT and network, and includes enriched data for monetization of the expanded 5G ecosystem.


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