From Barcelona to the world: MWC's tech for good revolution

From Barcelona to the world: MWC's tech for good revolution

Join Matt and guest host Gil Rosen as they are speak with Lara Dewar, CMO at GSMA, and other guests about a wide range of topics, starting with what's took place at this year's MWC.

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Matt Roberts, Head of Customer Marketing, Americas, Amdocs

S8 E1

07 Mar 2024

From Barcelona to the world: MWC's tech for good revolution

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March 6, 2024
From Barcelona to the world: MWC's tech for good revolution

Welcome back to the Great Indoors season 8! We are back in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2024. In this inaugural episode, you’ll hear from four exciting guests, one of whom is Gil Rosen, joining Matt Roberts as a guest host. They will be joined by Lara Dewar, CMO at GSMA to discuss the conference itself, the implications of new technology like GenAI and how MWC is engaging young people.

You’ll also hear from two exciting guests from Startup Sherpas, Natalia Olson-Urtecho and Hugo Pickford-Wardle, who are empowering entrepreneurial teenagers to build a better tomorrow. Join us for this new and exciting season! 

“We (GSMA) used to plan short term six months to two years, and a long term plan was 5 to 10 years. Of course, in recent times we looked less at the long term because five years seems like such a long horizon. But that short term horizon is now like it's six months. In fact, long term horizon is almost six months from a technology perspective, maybe not a strategic one. The pace of technology is breathless.”

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Lara Dewar, CMO


“I think that technology will give everybody superpowers that will enable them truly to be what they can be. So I don't think it's leveling the playing field because that's not what we're striving for. We want talent to be what it can. And there are some people who will always be better than others, but I think it really will give people opportunities worldwide to be whatever they can be, whatever they want to be.”

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Gil Rosen

CMO, Amdocs

“We're aiming to create a whole generation globally of teenagers who have the skills of innovation and entrepreneurship so they can go and solve the big, hairy challenges that our world has.

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Hugo Pickford-Wardle

Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Startup Sherpas

“So you need to start with the younger teens from 13 year old to 19 year olds, and getting them into that mindset. We're not saying we want you all to start companies, but we were saying, is that what you want? We want you to start thinking of how you're going to commercialize. How are you going to solve big problems? And that entrepreneurial mindset is what gives those folks that those ideas and they can think outside the box.”

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Natalia Olson-Urtecho

Director of Government Innovation & Growth, Startup Sherpas

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