Vindicia Select

Recover revenue from failed payment transactions

Retrieve 15-30% of failed payment card transactions

Vindicia Select increases your revenues, effortlessly, without any extra marketing or sales. Leveraging over 15 years of payment data, Select uses big data analytics and proprietary technology to analyze failed payment transactions, diagnose the failure reason, and in up to 30% of cases, successfully process the payment. You can run Select algorithms on prepaid, postpaid and pre-collection payment failures to increase revenue, reduce churn, and extend customer lifetime value.

Reduce churn by ensuring service continuity

Doug Smith, VP Customer Success, explains how Vindicia keeps customers connected to services they love.


  • Boost Revenues

    Increase your top-line revenue with no extra sales or marketing efforts

  • Reduce Involuntary Churn

    Failed payments can lead to losing customers by unnecessarily disconnecting them from their service. Increase payment transactions success and keep your customers connected

  • Easy, rapid-deploy SaaS Solution

    Deploy in days with minimal IT involvement and minimal impact on existing billing systems

  • Run a Select Trial for Free

    Take our complimentary trial and see exactly the revenue uplift you can expect from deploying Select

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Recover revenue and increase customer retention

Find out how Vindicia Select delivers immediate revenue uplift, improves retention and increases average customer lifetime value.