Amdocs cVidya Business Assurance

Machine Learning driven business assurance solutions to drive profitable growth

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Protect your business to enable growth

This AI-powered, industry-specific offering predicts and mitigates all emerging and future risks throughout the business assurance lifecycle, covering acquisition, behavior, and care.

Our services ensure faster, more accurate prevention, detection, and resolution of revenue leakage, fraud, cyberfraud, and operational inefficiencies.

We leverage the latest in machine learning to quickly & accurately detect potential leakages and fraud, and integrate RPA solutions to automatically remediate any problems

We help grow your business profitably, reducing risks while increasing potential revenues

Protect your business to enable growth


  • Prediction & Mitigation

    Analyse applications, and support better decision making to minimize risk.

  • Address full lifecycle

    Identify & prevent risks associated with acquisition, behaviour & care.

  • Proactive Business Assurance

    Detect, prevent & resolve revenue leakage & fraud.

  • Unmatched revenue recovery

    Get back up to 60% of lost revenues.

  • Highly accurate

    Increased accuracy in detecting potential fraud, reducing risk and increasing revenues.

  • Real time fraud detection

    Real time analysis to support real time decision making.


AI Powered Business Assurance (ebook)
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