Microservices and DevOps

Breaking down the barriers to innovation and agility

Amdocs is driving rapid innovation and time to market by embracing the paradigm shift to a DevOps approach and microservices architecture.


Amdocs DevOps Services helps service providers adopt DevOps to achieve faster time to value with new feature development, testing, delivery and operations.


Our strategic, cross-company Microservices360 program evolves Amdocs applications to a modern, flexible microservices architecture which is ideally suited to the DevOps approach.

DevOps Consulting Service

Consulting and change management services to facilitate the service provider journey to becoming a DevOps organization

Analysts' View
Microservices: A Role Player in the Cloud-Native Architecture - a report by Stratecast partners, a division of Frost & Sullivan

"Amdocs has the most well-articulated microservices stories so far within the CSP operational domain. One example of this is decomposition in Amdocs’ Commerce & Care business domain, which is decomposed into nine granular, value-based business capabilities."

Putting Microservices into Practice: Taking microservices from theory into reality to achieve business agility

"...CSPs must improve their end users’ digital experience and gain service agility so that they can launch and iterate new features and services easily and quickly, with low cost of failure."

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solution profile
Amdocs Microservices360

Appeldore looks at Amdocs' approach to accelerating Microservices development by enabling agility through Cloud Native applications

Microservices: Piecing together a strategy

Read TM Forum’s report on how microservices architecture enables extreme agility and flexibility for your business