Empower your network with AI-backed end-to-end service orchestration (E2ESO), transforming business intent into seamless execution.

End-to-end service orchestration empowers your organization with innovative automation, orchestration, and operational optimization across domains and technologies, aligning with evolving industry needs.

By streamlining operational costs and enhancing service quality, our solution enables you to rapidly respond to market demands. Seamlessly integrating through standards-aligned APIs, it maximizes your network assets, while opening new revenue avenues and elevating the customer experience.

  • E2E, intent-driven service & network lifecycle automation powered by AI
  • Dynamic orchestration, real-time inventory, federation & assurance
  • Agile catalog onboarding, business-driven service & network design
  • Predict, identify & quickly resolve service impacting & network faults
  • Open, standards aligned & vendor agnostic
  • Cloud native, microservices based, module

Explore research-based recommendations on the pathways to network transformation and automation.

four pillars of network transformation & automation

Discover the four pillars that underpin the complex transformation from legacy to next-generation networks. For full details, download now:

INFOGRAPHIC: What are the four pillars of network transformation & automation?
EXECUTIVE BRIEFING: ‘The four pillars of network transformation and automation’ by STL Partners

navigating network transformation and automation

Explore the four most prevalent approaches to network transformation and automation, with recommendations for operator peer groups. Download here:

INFOGRAPHIC: Navigating network transformation & automation – are you an early stage, data first, cloud first or fast-moving transformer?

EXECUTIVE BRIEFING: ‘Unlocking value: Strategic Prioritisation of Network and Automation Investment’ by STL Partners

Addressing 5G ecosystem complexity

Service providers have been working with us to address the complexities of monetization and end-2-end lifecycle management of advanced 5G services.

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Benefits of Amdocs E2ESO

  • New revenue generation

    Enables seamless integration of digital business support systems (BSS) with the network, ensuring the delivery of business intent across B2C, B2B, and B2B2X, including beyond connectivity services.

  • Supports new business models

    Maximizes network potential through NaaS & API exposure, and supports integration with monetization capabilities to facilitate new business models.

  • Efficiency Unleashed: GenAI & AI-powered closed-loop automation

    Seamlessly translates business intent into network activities, automating end-to-end service lifecycle management and proactively assuring SLAs through closed-loop automation.

  • Reduces time to market, while optimizing TCO

    The agile, microservices-based system enables rapid model onboarding and low-code service definitions including support for SD-WAN and 5G Network Slicing; seamless integration via alignment with major industry standards like TMF Open API, 3GPP, and ETSI.


Analysys Mason logo

Analysys Mason: Amdocs leads the market with a comprehensive service design and orchestration offering for sixth year in a row.
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ABi Research award badge

ABi Research names Amdocs overall leader and premier implementer in the Network Automation and Orchestration Innovation categories
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Winner - FutureNet Asia Orchestration Award for the most innovative automated service orchestration solution deployed in APAC

Winner: FutureNet Asia Orchestration Award for the most innovative automated service orchestration solution deployed in APAC



Amdocs End-to-End Service Orchestration Positioning Paper
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Solution brief: End-to-End Service Orchestration
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Your future looks breath-taking from here.


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Fill your customers’ day with content they love.


Reinvent the customer experience. Every day.


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