Introducing CES20

Accelerate your journey to the cloud

The cloud is driving new services, revenue opportunities and experiences. To enable this and support complex business operations, service providers worldwide must embark on transformation journeys centered on the cloud.

Introducing CES20. A cloud-native version of Amdocs’ market-leading customer experience suite, which offers service providers:

  • A safe and rapid path to the cloud
  • The ability to move from legacy systems to a leading microservices-based suite
  • The only 5G-ready-suite available in the market

CES20 resides within amdocsONE, and includes the critical cloud-centric offerings Amdocs is known for. Its cloud-agnostic framework means it can fit any major cloud or multi-cloud environment. An open, modular architecture ensures it’s suitable for any transformation strategy.

Amdocs CES20

Leverage CES20 to maximize the benefits of cloud, improve TCO, shorten time-to-value, provide state of the art customer experience, introduce new business models, create an extensive partner ecosystem and monetize content and innovative digital, 5G & IoT offerings.


Delivers a configurable omnichannel experience for all customer types, and care & commerce journeys


Launch new services in minutes by leveraging an open, cloud-based catalog.


Capture every 5G monetization opportunity with this cloud-native solution.

Service & Network Automation

Efficiently operate hybrid networks. Simplify and streamline design, inventory and orchestration.

Amdocs Order Handling

Amdocs Order Handling ensures the successful delivery of your customers’ orders for any service, from any source, at any volume, serving all lines of business and channels in real-time

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