The heart of your organization

An open-cloud native catalog solution that enables service providers to launch new services in minutes. It provides business & marketing with a simple user interface for their needs, analytics dashboard, collaborative processes and embedded intelligence to rapidly define,  implement, test, launch, manage new offers, product & services.


CatalogONE is a revolution

  • In its business empowerment
    Intuitive and business-focused UI, intelligence, approval workflow, real-time publishing

  • In its approach
    collaborative processes, run time configuration

  • In its design
    role based UI with Design-led thinking

  • In its flexibility and openness
    cloud-native architecture, powered by microservices360, federation of partner services

CatalogONE architecture is Cloud-native and built on API-first design and open source technologies through domain driven design.  It leverages market-leading PaaS to provide pre-defined telco-grade CI/CD environment and lean operations through amdocs Microservices360 framework



CatalogONE is the heart of your business

  • Advanced business models & offerings – consumer & business
  • Personalized and contextual offers, pricing & promotions
  • Digital services, ICT services, virtualization
  • Consistency across systems & touch points
  • Ability to understand and re-act to business changes in real-time
Customer Success
Customer Success

KT implements Amdocs CatalogONE cloud-native solution to accelerate introduction of new 5G offerings

KT Corporation
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Design Thinking: A Success Story

Learn about the design-led thinking process used in the development of our new CatalogONE product

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case study
Sprint digital transformation case study

Sprint digital transformation implementing DigitalONE and CatalogONE with a unique co-development approach enable digital, omnichannel experiences and continuous new, fast-to-market offerings and reduced cost.

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Centralized product catalogs will be key to differentiation in the 5G era

5G will mandate extensive product catalog capabilities for supporting new business models, use of network resources and for engaging with external ecosystems and third party partners, in order to effectively monetize new opportunities.

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The Future CSP Marketer: CMOs Take Charge in Digital Transformations of Business Drivers

What the future holds for CSPs marketers? Leading CSPs are placing more responsibilities on their marketing departments which is underscored by the shift of modernization budget to CMOs.

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Amdocs CatalogONE - A New Catalog Paradigm

CatalogONE can drive your business growth and modernization


Amdocs CatalogONE’s broad set of innovative tools and capabilities are designed to enable digital service providers to flourish in an ever-changing, on-demand world

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The Elastic Telco: How a Smart Catalog Drives a Smart Business

”The new Amdocs catalog performs incredibly complex acrobatics on the inside to offer the profound agility SPs are looking for yet take usability to a new level of simplicity on the outside” - Stratecast partners, a division of Frost & Sullivan