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In today’s digital economy, you need to be efficient, agile and greatly innovative in order to indulge your customers with new services, in no time. Traditional reactive quality assurance processes are simply no longer enough.

Amdocs Quality Engineering is a future-ready end-to-end quality assurance service solution that integrates quality at every step of the development process.  That means that you stay ahead of the digital transformation curve while improving quality of service.

Backed by Amdocs Quality Engineering experts and powered by our unique 36ONE platform, we leverage award-winning advanced tools and technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to assure an exceptional user experience, while ensuring your enterprise and next generation supporting applications are a true business enabler regardless of vendor.

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AQE chosen among top 20 testing providers for 2019

Test Magazine, a print and digital publication with thousands of readers across Europe, the United States and South Asia, has selected Amdocs Quality Engineering as one of the top 20 testing providers for 2019.


The endorsement recognizes the value of our agnostic-approach to testing of both Amdocs – and more significantly – non-Amdocs systems for the telecom industry and beyond.

AQE Testing Award
Amdocs Quality Engineering Services

36ONE - Our Quality Engineering powerhouse. Your success.

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Amdocs Quality Engineering Services

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