The most comprehensive portfolio of cloud-native products.

If you are on the route to cloud-native, think about Amdocs CES - our market-leading suite of cloud-native applications that spans BSS, OSS, data and analytics, media, IoT and more. CES offers you:

  • A safe and rapid path to the cloud
  • A leading microservices-based BSS-OSS solution
  • The only 5G-ready-suite in the market
  • And all the benefits of cloud

The suite is cloud agnostic so you can choose your cloud vendor or vendors. And with an open, modular architecture, it's suitable for any transformation strategy.

Maximize the promise of cloud with Amdocs CES.


  • Cloud native and cloud agnostic

    Can fit any major cloud or multi-cloud environment

  • Leverage every benefit of the cloud

    Agility, scalability, elasticity, automation, reduced time to market and more

  • Fit for any strategy

    Supports any transformation journey regardless of current entry point

  • Deployed with CI/CD methodologies

    Full DevOps environment for maximum business agility and IT velocity

In the spotlight

As true cloud natives, we don’t just talk the talk. We speak "Cloudian".


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