Plan your cloud journey to gain data-driven insights

Moving to cloud opens the door to advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Your data becomes a key business differentiator to personalize customer journeys, inject intelligence into workflows, measure KPIs, improve business outcomes and much more.

But to benefit from all this goodness, you must first get your data in order - make it accessible, and cleanse it.

Amdocs data services help you get the most from your data on the cloud:

  • Data build - data migration and data infrastructure modernization
  • AI and analytics for faster insights and improved automation
  • Managed data and MLOps automation to operationalize and govern data

Get the most from your data on the cloud.


  • Communications & media industry data expertise and IP

    Domain-specific data consulting, migration and modernization, including best practices & solutions

  • 15-year track record of BSS/OSS data transformations

    Mastery of hybrid operations, cloud-native data warehouses on leading cloud platforms

  • Operational & analytical data unification and organization

    Experts in tools and practices for both on-prem and cloud to support complex data pipelines

  • Best practices data model

    TM Forum industry-certified data model, KPIs all SID compliant

  • Amdocs delivers!

    Increase ARPU, reduce churn, reduce data-related OPEX and reduce data warehouse costs

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Data and AI. Amdocs and GCP. Better Together!


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