Amdocs NEO

Amdocs NEO

Amdocs NEO

Manage design, orchestration, inventory and closed-loop operations for the 5G, hybrid & cloud networks era

Automate service & network operations

As service providers deploy hybrid networks that are disaggregated, virtualized, open, and cloud and multi-vendor based, a new operations paradigm is taking hold that requires next-generation service and network management capabilities.

The transformation of network automation technology and operations support systems (OSS) is being further driven by the increased importance of digital-enabled cloud-native deployments of systems to reduce operator TCO and improve agility.

Amdocs is addressing these needs with Amdocs NEO, an innovative and advanced service and network automation platform which has a set of modular, flexible and open service lifecycle management capabilities to quickly and easily power whatever automation journeys service providers may be on, whether its OSS modernization, digital-to-network automation, end-to-end service and network orchestration, 5G slice & edge automation, or Network-as-a-Service.




As CSPs continue to shift to multi-vendor environments and increasingly adopt open, flexible approaches to building next-generation programable networks, Amdocs NEO Service & Network Automation platform provides a pragmatic path for CSP network automation and operational technology transformation

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Vikrant Gandhi

Senior Industry Director Information & Communications Technologies, Frost & Sullivan




  • Holistic end-to-end service lifecycle automation

    Supports design, orchestration, continuous monitoring and closed-loop operations across physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid networks

  • Business-driven, integrated BSS/OSS automation journeys

    Integrated with the BSS to connect the business context, with business parameter based top-down & bottom-up service management

  • Cloud-native, microservices-based, open solution

    Multi-cloud, modular deployment support, leveraging ONAP & partner ecosystem components and aligned with TMF, MEF, ETSI APIs

  • Supports key solutions & automation journeys

    OSS modernization, digital-to-network automation, E2E service & network orchestration, 5G slice & edge automation, Network-as-a-Service

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