Now is the time to re-evaluate outsourcing

Outsourcing operations is often the preferred route to addressing the complexities of cloud adoption while enjoying the benefits, cost savings and minimizing the risk.

As you are adopting cloud, it's a good idea to evaluate outsourcing operations. Ask yourself:

  • Do your people have the skills to migrate and run operations in the cloud?
  • Can you ensure ongoing optimization in FinOps, AIOps, CloudOps and Security?
  • an you manage your legacy operations, cloud operations and cloud migration all at the same time?

If you answer is "no" to any of these questions, consider Outsourcing. Then think Amdocs.

Over 50 service providers already trust Amdocs with their mission-critical applications and services, on prem and in the cloud.

Let Amdocs manage and optimize your cloud operations for you.


  • Zero-touch operations

    Industry-specific, ready-made automations, pre-emptive self-healing and auto-resolution

  • End-to-end accountability

    End-to-end migration and operations, commitment to KPIs, central governance and control

  • Cost convenience

    Flexible commercial models, cost predictability including consumption

  • Always Deliver DNA

    Successfully executed industry’s largest transformations, with managed transformation capabilities

In the spotlight

Hold on tight because Amdocs operations move at the speed of cloud.


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