An end-to-end digital enablement platform for the full life-cycle of care and commerce processes

In today’s competitive market, where digital natives are setting the standard for consumers’ digital expectations, it has never been more critical to be faster than ever in offering innovative new services.


DigitalONE addresses this need. It is a telco-specific, end-to-end, digital enablement platform. It is open, cloud native, microservices based, and covers the full life-cycle of care and commerce processes, enabling business agility for accelerating time to market.



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Demo: Customer Journey

Engage with your customers in their channel of choice, providing them with an intelligence-driven, contextual and personalized experience. Watch a typical digital-native engage with her digital service provider using Alexa, a Facebook bot, a live agent and the provider’s mobile app – and enjoy a great customer experience as a result.



"Three aims continue to evolve and innovate with Amdocs by our side. Working together, we will be very successful as a partnership."
Stephen Reidy, Chief Information Officer at Three Ireland



North American Mobile Operator

Amdocs’ DigitalONE platform and microservices enabled SIM card activation via mobile in just a few weeks. The service provider improved the customer experience, reduced calls to the call center, and all in a very fast time to market.
Analysts' View
Full Stack Transformations: Do they work and is there an alternative?

"Today’s transformations are no longer once-in-a decade, expensive projects, with long cycle times and severe disruption to the business. Service providers are adopting a process of continuous, gradual transformation that is business driven."

Microservices approach in-depth review by Stratecast partners, a division of Frost & Sullivan

"Amdocs has the most well-articulated microservices stories so far within the CSP operational domain. One example of this is decomposition in Amdocs’ Commerce & Care business domain, which is decomposed into nine granular, value-based business capabilities."

Embrace your digital transformation with cloud-native enablement platforms

Moving to a digital enablement platform represents a revolutionary change in the way service providers operate. Such platforms embody new web-scale methods, which include cloud architecture, microservices, artificial intelligence and DevOps to rapidly develop and deploy new capabilities. When considering the best area to start implementing a microservices-based platform, Analysys Mason suggests starting in the area of digital experience – focused on care, commerce and other engagement areas.

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Success Story
Three Ireland digital-first customer experience

Three Ireland successfully realizing their vision to create a personalized and predictive digital-first omnichannel experience as part of their business-led digital transformation.

Data Sheet
Amdocs DigitalONE

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case study
Sprint digital transformation case study

Sprint digital transformation implementing DigitalONE and CatalogONE with a unique co-development approach enable digital, omnichannel experiences and continuous new, fast-to-market offerings and reduced cost.

white paper
The Future CSP Marketer: CMOs Take Charge in Digital Transformations of Business Drivers

What the future holds for CSPs marketers? Leading CSPs are placing more responsibilities on their marketing departments which is underscored by the shift of modernization budget to CMOs.

DigitalONE - customer first digital experience

designing for superior engagements in the digital economy

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Amdocs DigitalONE Commerce

What you need to know about the DigitalONE commerce solution

Customer Reference Kit

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