Open Wireless Network

Open Wireless Networks

Enabling endless open network opportunities to address the demands of today’s digital society

Organizations’ evolving needs and connectivity challenges related to coverage, capacity, reliability and control require new communications capabilities beyond traditional approaches for planning, designing, deploying and operating wireless network infrastructure.


Amdocs offers a range of end-to-end open ecosystem solutions including, CBRS SAS administration services, advanced software, powered solutions, and comprehensive network services to bridge the worlds of enterprise IT, IoT, and private wireless networks.



Increased network capacity and coverage
Ensures reliable network connections for all users and devices.


Improved network agility
Ensures fast deployment, rapid scaling, ease- of- configuration, customizability and extensibility.


Extensive open & innovative ecosystem
Provides more technology choices, eliminates vendor lock-in, accelerates transformation and maximizes efficiency.









infographic: Launching a private LTE / 5G Network


video: Enterprise use cases for CBRS and 5G based private wireless networks


Varun Vashisht, director at Amdocs discusses the opportunity for CBRS and 5G based private wireless networks for improved coverage, capacity, reliability and control for existing and new uses for enterprises and organizations across a range of verticals


Webinar: Accelerating CBRS-based private networks


Shared spectrum and an expanded open ecosystem enable CBRS-based private networks


Solution overview: Private Wireless Networks


Accelerating CBRS-based private wireless networks






Getting started with CBRS

Understanding the small but necessary steps to get going with CBRS


Webinar: end-to-end wireless operations with CBRS Part 96


CBRS-based private wireless networks for enterprises, telecoms, and more


Datasheet: Amdocs SpectrumOne


Extending beyond SAS administration


CBRS blog series


Insights on CBRS, SAS Administration, and more


Amdocs SAS for enterprise and carrier markets

Hear how Amdocs’ scalable SAS solution supports indoor and outdoor scenarios.






Datasheets: Open Ecosystem Accelerator for TIP, DCSG, OpenRAN and Automation


Navigate the most difficult open network transformation hurdles


Open Core: The critical path to 5G services realization


Systems integrators are pivotal in helping service providers select the best solution for network slicing and building cloud-native, service-based architectures to meet the network’s needs






Datasheet: Predictive Maintenance


Harnesses artificial intelligence-based innovation to resolve problems before they impact the customer experience

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