5G Fast

5G Fast

Accelerating network rollout and densification

The arrival of 5G is disrupting the network status quo. As you transition your network to support the new reality, you need a strong 4G foundation that over time, can incorporate an increasing range of pivotal technologies:

  • 5G NR where the 5G node remains connected to the 4G network before becoming a standalone 5G network
  • Small cells on high or mid-bands to offload network strain through densification of coverage in large areas
  • Carrier aggregation to combine multiple carrier data streams to increase peak user data rates
  • Massive MIMO to ensure better utilization of existing bandwidth

Amdocs’ 5G Fast portfolio supports this 5G transition. During this crucial time when new technology must co-exist with your underlying 4G network, our services and solutions ensure your 5G rollout is faster, smoother and able to meet speed requirements – while delivering the levels of network output you need to keep your customers happy.


Explore how to achieve 5G faster with Amdocs’ 5G network design services, automated 5G network rollout & acceptance solutions and 5G optimization services.



Reaching 5G Faster: How to accelerate network densification and rollouts

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